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Our Vegan Hand Cream - A Proper Working Hands Cream!

Our Vegan Hand Cream - A Proper Working Hands Cream!

With Spring finally here, we thought it very timely to highlight our nourishing vegan hand cream for hard working hands!

Our hands are of course amazing, but they do receive a lot of punishment. We put them through so much - from repeatedly hand washing, working, gardening, building and more. This can often leave our hands feeling more like sandpaper as a result. The effect of all the hand sanitiser used with covid has certainly taken a toll on our poor hands!

Help is at hand with our Working Hands Cream. This is a vegan, organic hand cream designed specifically to soothe hard working hands. Rich, natural ingredients offer long-lasting hydration while providing protection from the environment. Perfect for those with hardworking hands!

Vegan hand cream in silver tin with green label on white rustic sink

We created our organic working hands cream to help soothe workers hands without the use of harsh (and often drying) ingredients. Our organic hand cream uses natural ingredients to help to restore your skin's natural barrier to prevent drying and cracking. You can explore all the ingredients we avoid in our skincare in our handy chemicals to avoid guide.

What are the ingredients in our vegan hand cream and how will it help very dry hands?

Firstly our working hands hand cream is made with organic shea butter. This is an ethical ingredient as it is sourced from a fairtrade co-operative. The rich fattiness helps soften skin to allow moisture to sink in deep down - and also helps to keep it there.

We then add organic cold pressed avocado oil. What a super oil this is! High in beta carotene, protein, lecithin, fatty acids and more! Plus the bonus of vitamins A, D, and E. These all help to support healthy skin and also boost skin cell renewal for your hands.

Next is organic cold pressed evening primrose oil. It works to soften, smooth and soothe those tired, overworked hands. It also helps to improve the texture of your hands. Added vitamin e oil helps with wound healing and an added benefit is it can prevent itchiness too. 

You can see the rich, sumptuous texture of our natural hand cream as it is being filled in the image below. 

Vegan hand cream being filled into clear glass jar by conscious skincare


Our workers hand cream has a light, floral aroma derived from a special blend of lavender and geranium essential oils. Lavender essential oil is soothing, anti septic, anti bacterial and anti microbial. It can therefore really help skin fight unhealthy bacteria that might find their way onto your hands.

Geranium oil works to stimulates blood flow to the surface of your skin. This helps deliver oxygen and takes away waste, helping the skin on your hands left feeling nourished and refreshed. 

A great workers hands hand cream, our vegan hand cream gives an extra boost for your hands as you get out and about after a long winter. The natural fragrance is suitable for everyone!

Our hard working hands cream is part of the natural hand care essentials range from Conscious Skincare. Other products include;

A lemon and rosewood Organic Hand Wash. It leaves your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed with its light citrus, woody aroma. Made with a non-drying natural castile soap base and pure lemon and rosewood essential oils.

Our moisturising lemon and rosewood Hand Lotion. It is a light, easily absorbed, non greasy hand lotion. Perfect to apply quickly to get on with your next task with a lovely uplifting natural fragrance. 

You can save with our great value hand wash and lotion set (pictured below). Choose with, or without dispenser pumps! Another eco friendly option is our hand wash and hand lotion refill. Perfect for topping up those stylish white glass bottles and a great sustainable option.

conscious skincare hand wash and lotion set in white glass bottles on white table


To tick all the pampering requirements your hands will ever need, you can find our soothing hand cream in our Luxury Hand Cream Gift Set

Don't forget the boys! Our Men's Skincare Gift Set also features our vegan hand cream and a selection of other great natural skincare products from our Conscious Man collection. Enjoy!

Men's hand cream gift set in a grey gift box - part of the conscious man collection by conscious skincare



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