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Abyssinian Oil for Hair

Abyssinian Oil for Hair

Abyssinian Oil is one of our favourite dual purpose oils, along with better know examples like Argan Oil. In this article we discuss why you should choose Abyssinian Oil for hair!

We think Natural Abyssinian Oil is a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to both skin and hair care. It has a unique molecular structure which really helps it offer a number of benefits.

Also known as Abyssinia Oil and sometimes referred to as Crambe Seed Oil, this light oil is extracted from the seeds of a plant native to the Ethiopian Highlands called Crambe abyssinica. You need to ensure that for maximum benefits the oil is cold-pressed (as ours is) rather than being manufactured using chemical solvents.

Abyssinian Oil consists of around 60% erucic acid, and includes a number of vitamins (including B vitamins, proteins and minerals).

So what are the key benefits of this natural hair oil?

  • Abyssinian Oil is really easily absorbed and is nice and light, so you can use it (in small quantities) without stickiness.
  • It improves the strength of hair follicles and helps you manage your hair with improved texture and flexibility.
  • Abyssinian hair oil helps condition and add shine to your hair, making it a great natural alternative to the the many silicone based products on the market. A high oleic & linoleic fatty acid profile are the key factors helping in this regard.
  • This natural oil helps protect hair against the elements and we are confident you will be pleased with the results! You can read more about the many potential harmful and toxic ingredients used in hair products in our article on natural hair care.
  • Don't forget this is a great dual purpose oil, Abyssinian Oil also has many benefits for skincare!

Abyssinian Oil for hair adds shine and lustre without using silicone or synthetic ingredients

How to use Abyssinian Oil for hair

  • For an intense hair treatment - before showering put a little abyssinian oil on your hair and massage through using a brush / comb or fingers
  • Wrap your head in a warm towel for 5-10 minutes
  • Wash your hair and condition (if required) using a Conscious Skincare shampoo and conditioner
  • If you need a quick hair treatment just add a few drops of oil to a brush or comb and run through your hair. This is a great way to add shine - but don't add too much!

Conscious Skincare Abyssinian Oil is available in plastic free 100ml aluminium bottles with 250ml eco friendly refills also available.

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