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Organic Shower Gel for Men

Organic Shower Gel for Men

Have you tried our award-winning shower gel for men?

Conscious Man Absolute Shower is designed to clean hair, hands, face and body.

Absolute Shower, as the name suggests, is an organic liquid soap for men.

This is a does-it-all, no faff wash product, designed especially for men who don't have the time to mess about with different products. Being a 4 in one cleanser makes an ideal space saving travel product too.

Our natural body wash for men is made with organic ingredients with key actives to strengthen hair and nourish skin:

🟢 pH balanced balanced creating a mild, gently cleansing and nutrient- rich wash.
🟢 Contains Pro Vitamin B5, which is deeply hydrating for skin and hair. It helps plumps out hair follicles so hair can feel thicker.
🟢 Aloe Vera, vitamin rich in A, C and E support and strengthen skin and hair and can also help to reduce hair loss.
🟢 Jojoba Oil, which is organic and cold pressed, helps to reduce brittle hair by strengthening it. It is super deep down moisturising and non-greasy.

All of these key benefits make our organic shower gel for men a key cornerstone of a great men's organic skincare routine.

Men's Natural Body Wash and Body Moisturiser in black glass bottles with silver caps

Absolute Shower works as a natural soap and has been repackaged into luxe black glass, making it a plastic free choice too. Eco friendly refills are also available for top ups, ensuring the stylish glass bottle will last for ages and help save our planet!

Our men's body wash, Absolute Shower has a unique aroma, carefully created with a balanced blend of amaryris, cinnamon, vetiver and frankincense. It leaves skin feeling fresh and fragrant with a sumptuously rich woody, light, citrus aroma.

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Explore our Conscious Man Kit and Caboodle men's shower gel set, complete with organic shave gel and organic, cold pressed Jojoba oil. Presented in a stylish branded gift box, all lovingly packaged with a clean conscience!

So why do we call it Absolute Shower?

We’re big Terry Thomas fans here at Conscious Skincare, and for those who aren’t familiar with this comic genius, he found fame during the late 40s and 50s.

Appearing in lead roles in Pinewood studio releases, as well as starring alongside Hollywood greats such as Tony Curtis in 'Monte Carlo or Bust'. His strong gentleman’s English accent worked perfectly with classic script ‘put downs’ such as ‘you are an ‘Absolute shower’, ‘ You’re a cad and a bounder’ and ‘fuzz off!’, which used a lot in ‘Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines’. All these phrases influenced our product names for our Men’s range as a nod to this very talented comedian!

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