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Top Tips for Men's Natural Skincare

Top Tips for Men's Natural Skincare

Everyday, we put our skin through a lot. Stress, pollution, air conditioning, chemical load, poor sleep and unhealthy eating can all take its toll! In this post we give some top tips for men's natural skincare to try and help combat these issues.

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Unless you are extremely lucky, your skin will soon show its displeasure with the battles of everyday life.

There are 3 main differences between men and women's skin;

  • Men's skin tends to be thicker, giving it a firmer appearance than women's.
  • Male skin contains more collagen and a higher density of collagen in the skin.
  • Greater facial hair growth.

It is for these reasons men's skin may 'age' better than women's, but it still needs looking after! And, because regular shaving can dry out skin, choosing men's organic skincare products is important to help keep the balance. 

Popular mainstream shaving and skincare products often contain comedogenic (pore blocking) ingredients such as mineral oil, so always check the label and look out for this.

Mineral oil (also known as paraffinum liquidum) is essentially a pore and hair follicle blocker, which can be the cause of in-growing hairs and skin breakouts.

Here's how this happens;

  • It leaves fine residue deposits in pores and over the top of pores. 
  • It suffocates your skin.
  • Dead skin cells and bacteria can be trapped underneath, so skin cannot breathe.
  • This combination results in inflammation and can result in angry in-growing hairs or spots. These can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

Top men's natural skincare tips: 

Good skin always starts from within, so a good diet, quality sleep and natural vitamin D are first and foremost.

Next, a  good skincare routine using natural skincare products can help support skin cope with these challenges. 

You can help reduce in-growing hairs or breakouts by cleansing with men's natural soap such as our Enrich Face Wash  This mild face wash will help lift away grime and fight bacteria with its anti microbial properties. 

Regular exfoliating is a key part of your men's organic skincare routine to clear away dead skin cells. This prevents them being caught in pores and to help reduce and avoid in-growing hairs. We recommend using our organic Enrich exfoliator every 7-10 days to keep your skin clean and refreshed.

Next is choosing a good quality organic men's natural moisturiser will help keep your skin in top condition, again avoiding mineral oil which can lead to blocked pores.

Our Fuzz Off men's natural shave gel offers an excellent alternative to mainstream shaving products. It is blended with organic aloe vera and cucumber extract to offer a refreshing and soothing shave with a delightful lemon scent!

Our men's vegan skincare range, Enrich, offers a plant based range formulated to bring together the latest actives that nature and science bring together to take care of your skin.  

Conscious Skincare also offers mens natural body products such as our absolute shower and bounders body lotion. These compliment the facial skincare products in our enrich range and help keep all of your skin in tip top condition!




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