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Why use Organic Skincare?

Fortunately we are all becoming increasingly aware of how additives in our food, pollution in our environment, and ingredients in our skincare can impact our health.

From the very start, we have been very selective about what goes into our products and what we leave out. The majority of the ingredients we use to create our organic skincare range are certified organic by one of the following organisations; Soil AssociationEcocert, USDA.

Sometimes an organic version of an ingredient is either not available, or simply does not exist! Water and minerals such as salts, vitamins or extracts are good examples of this. Sugar has a naturally occurring foaming agent called decyl glucoside. It can't be classed as organic as it's a component extracted from the sugar. We add decyl glucoside to our body wash, hand wash and bath soak to help create a gentle foam.

A good resource for independently checking ingredients found in food and skincare is Environmental Working Group (EWG) . Based in the US, their website provides independent analysis of all the ingredients we use in our skincare range and EWG rank our products too. We have achieved some of the highest possible scores both for our products and as a company, and also have a number of products EWG Verified.

Many skincare and haircare products contain potentially harmful and toxic ingredients. Read more about which chemicals to avoid

Organic Skincare handcrafted in Wales

We design our organic skincare for you

When we design and create our skincare it is with one primary purpose - to be great for your skin. Our products are made to enrich and enhance different skin types and may also help with any ailments that your skin may have. The primary purpose is not to make products with an extended shelf life. We like to blend our organic skincare to nourish and replenish. Many products contain beneficial active and ‘live’ ingredients, just like food! 

Handmade in a Soil Association approved food grade environment

We make our skincare in a Soil Association approved facility, where high quality food producers also manufacture their products. We are only allowed to use this special facility because only plant-based ingredients are contained in our organic skincare range. To use this facility we also had to qualify for food hygiene safety certificates too! 

Making products to food production standards enhances their quality and protects the benefits of the active ingredients. All our organic skincare is approved by an independent cosmetic chemist to meet with current EC Directive Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations.

Organic Skincare handmade in Wales

The Planet we all share

We think organic skincare means more than just the ingredients. Consideration for our planet, environment, animals and wildlife is crucially important. How many times do you see an organic product wrapped in single use plastic which cannot be recycled!

We select recycled or recyclable materials such as glass, aluminium and paper for all our eco friendly packaging requirements. 'Going the extra mile' means using items like biodegradable jiffy bags, acid-free tissue paper and unbleached paper packing tape (made without solvents). Many companies like to pay lip service to some of these green and eco 'buzzwords', but at Conscious Skincare, we like to put them into practice!

Strongly against animal testing

We have a strict no animal testing approach which we verify in our supply chain. We only select suppliers who practice the same high, ethical standards that we do. You can read more about our stance against animal testing.

At Conscious Skincare we are truly passionate about making natural and organic skincare with a clean conscience!