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Organic Body Butters - What is a Body Butter?

Organic Body Butters - What is a Body Butter?

Using our super-moisturising organic body butters is the perfect way to give your skin a soothing & replenishing boost!

The weather and our environment can be really drying on your skin. Whilst skin thrives when it can breathe in nice fresh air, often it is covered up with the added modern dryness of heating and air conditioning. This is where body butters can offer some much needed extra help! 

What is a body butter?

If you need a quick top-up moisturiser then body lotions are great and absorb super quickly. Perfect if you are dashing out after a shower!

For a longer, richer moisturising, body butters tend to work better as moisture is locked in for longer. Our organic body butters are perfect for nourishing dry skin to leave it feeling super smooth, soft and replenished.

All our natural, organic and vegan body butters have a whipped, light and sumptuous texture. They are designed to melt on contact with your skin just like real butter does! You can see and feel that they are richer and thicker in consistency when compared to a body lotion due to the nature of the ingredients used. Body lotions are water based giving a thinner, liquid texture.

 Whipped Body Butter in plastic free aluminium tin

So are body butters good for your skin?

Absolutely! They help lock in moisture and have a long lasting skin moisturising action. 

So let's look at the ingredients used in our body butter range to see how they work;

Fairtrade, organic shea and cocoa butter act as occlusives. This means they help lock moisture in your skin, by creating a physical barrier. It works deep-down to prevent your skin drying out. These ingredients lend themselves to the phrase 'cocoa body butter' which you may have heard.

Mainstream (and potentially harmful) chemical examples of occlusives used in skincare are petroleum jelly (Vaseline), mineral oil and silicone. You can read more about all the harmful ingredients we avoid in our skincare.

We use organic, cold pressed coconut oil as a super emollient. It is composed of medium chain fatty acids, which essentially makes it a super moisturiser. It assists in helping the all important skin barrier repair.

Organic sunflower, sweet almond and vitamin e oils are also used in our body butters. This combination deliver a whole host of vitamins and minerals right into your skin for deep down nourishment benefits.

We have created 3 organic body butters for you to choose:

Sweet orange and frangipani vegan body butter. Just think chocolate orange!

We use absolute frangipani in this body butter. An absolute is the purest grade of essential oil, used by high end parfumiers around the world. It gives this natural body butter a rich and sumptuous scent to match the texture!

Grapefruit lemon and cedarwood organic body butter. This one has a delightful and uplifting citrus, woody and zesty aroma. Great as a unisex fragrance so boys don't be shy!

Pure natural body butter. This scent free body butter is simply a mix of skin loving ingredients and oils without any essential oils. It is therefore perfect for those who are sensitive to fragrance and with sensitive skin. It still has all the great moisturising benefits, meaning it can help dry skin conditions such as eczema and work for those with allergies to natural occuring allergens such as linalool or citral.

Whichever body butter you choose we are sure you will love the super rich feel and skin moisturising benefits. Our body butter range is also vegan friendly and cruelty free certified! The 250ml aluminium tins are plastic free and also a great size as they last a long time offering great value.

 Body butter in plastic free packaging



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