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Charity Donations

Charity Donations

Our philosophy at Conscious Skincare is to always try and support local good causes and charities. Over the years we have donated numerous products and prizes for raffles to help raise money.

During the covid pandemic in 2020 we gave hand washes and hand lotions to our local hospital in Carmarthen to help the hands of our fantastic NHS staff.

One special charity which is very close to our heart is Greenacres Animal Rescue based in beautiful Pembrokeshire.

This is where we rescued our beautiful cats Inky and Hurshley, you can see Inky in the picture lounging (as usual) on her chair!

Greenacres is a small, non-profit, animal rescue centre founded in 2008. They are the only animal rescue centre in Pembrokeshire and support a huge variety of vulnerable animals including horses, pigs, rabbits and even turkeys!

They do a fantastic job of trying to help any animal in need, often in very difficult circumstances. Greenacres Rescue believes every animal deserves a second chance!

It is such a wonderful charity that with your support, we can hopefully give them a helping hand. So if you can give your support by donating a small amount at checkout it would be really appreciated!

We pass on donations regularly, and will keep you fully updated in newsletters and our latest news articles.

*January Update* - thanks to your amazing generosity, even though we only started donations in November a total of £435.71 was raised by the end of December.

A fantastic amount which will definitely help with all the vet bills and expenses at a very busy time of year. Thank you for all your support!




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