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Mum To Be Pamper Set

Our mum to be pamper set includes a refreshing body wash, indulgent body butter, natural face mask and organic rosehip oil. A perfect treat for new mums & mums to be!

All skin types

457,00 kr



A Mum To Be Gift Set which includes a 235ml Body Wash, 250ml Body Butter, Seaweed Face Mask (90g net) and 50ml Organic Rosehip Seed oil.

Pumps and wooden spoon for mask included + instructions.

Please see individual product listings for full ingredients list.

Cruelty free / Vegan friendly / Palm oil free / Gluten free / Corn free / Wheat free / Soya free

Gift Set : H9 * W21 * D17cm (approx)

How to use

Using Conscious Skincare Mum To Be Pamper Set;

Apply a small amount of Organic Body Wash to wet skin and rinse thoroughly. Avoid eyes.

Moisturise with the nourishing Organic Body Butter. Apply butter to clean skin and massage in.

Apply a little Organic Rosehip Seed Oil;

Use mornings and at night, as required
Press pump twice and apply oil to fingertips
Gently massage onto face / body where skin requires particular attention
Allow oil to sink into skin & blot off any excess with a tissue

Using Conscious Skincare Seaweed Face Mask.

  • Blend approximately 5 -6 heaped spoonfuls with 75ml of lukewarm water or toner for approximately 1 minute until a soft paste has been created
  • Apply the mask immediately in a thick layer on cleansed skin avoiding the eye area and close to the hairline. Work fast and try not to lay the mask in more than one layer on the skin.
  • Let the mask work for at least 10 minutes (the mask dries after approx. 6 minutes).
  • Peel off the mask by loosening it around the edges and carefully peeling it away. It loosens easily.
  • Rub away any left- over edges and rinse off the face.
  • Afterwards, apply your normal skin care product, such as a moisturiser.
  • The mask powder can be also be mixed with our suggested skin type toner (instead of water);

Please handle glass bottle (body wash) carefully!

If you have any concerns around ingredients during pregnancy please consult your GP.


This Mum To Be Pamper Set is the perfect gift for any soon-to-be or new mum!

It includes a range of luxurious pampering products to help reduce stress and nurture a sense of wellbeing for the mother to be. Featuring organic skincare products that are all-natural, vegan and cruelty free, this mum to be gift set is sure to bring comfort and relaxation!

'I created this mum to be set when my niece gave birth recently thinking, what would make a perfect set for her as a new mum to be? So I carefully composed a set of great value full sized self care products to give new mums some well deserved me-time!' Rebecca, Founder of Conscious Skincare

What's included in this mum to be pamper set?

Our mum to be set contains 4 full size vegan skincare products. You can choose the body products in either uplifting grapefruit, lemon and cedarwood or pure (fragrance free) for those with extra sensitivity to essential oils. Grapefruit, lemon and cedarwood are all essential oils which have been carefully selected to have minimal concern during pregnancy. 

Freshen up with our invigorating Grapefruit Lemon and Cedarwood Body Wash. This is a gentle formulation with a light foaming action. It is made using a natural castile soap base and has a refreshing citrus aroma using a blend of pure essential oils. No artificial additives or fragrance!

Once cleansed enjoy some deep-down moisturising with our Grapefruit, Lemon and Cedarwood Body Butter. This is a really rich organic body butter designed to moisturise, soothe and replenish skin. It melts on contact with skin just like real butter and is easily absorbed - helping skin feel soft silky smooth. It has a light and uplifting natural citrus aroma.

Ideal for expecting mothers, this mum to be pamper set also includes a natural peel-off face mask. Enriched with seaweed and clay, it helps to reduce skin impurities and gently remove dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling hydrated and revitalized.

Of course, a great mum to be gift set like this wouldn't be complete without including....

Our best selling organic Rosehip Oil! This amber gold wonder oil is in our opinion the best oil to help with stretchmarks and wrinkles. It is also perfect to use as a face oil to help refine skin tone and has a huge number of skin benefits. We only use 100% organic rosehip oil with no additives. It is cold pressed to ensure the maximum benefits are retained during production.

Great value new mum pamper kit

This is a great value treat for the special mum-to-be with our Mum To Be Pamper Set! This natural and organic set is the perfect way to relax and unwind during this unique period of time. Each set includes luxurious, therapeutic items that will leave mum feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

This great value mum to be gift set brings together 4 wellbeing products which would cost over £50 if bought individually! It is presented in an eco friendly re-usable gift box which could be the perfect place to treasure new baby's keep-sakes! 

You can choose the mum to be pamper sets in either pink or purple recyclable zig zag shred for a lovely finish.

This mum to be pamper set is part of the Conscious Skincare range of vegan approved skincare products which are an ethical consumer best buy and cruelty free approved by Peta.

Please note during pregnancy if you have any concerns regarding your mum to be pamper set ingredients do consult your GP.


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