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Spotlight on Sweet Almond Oil

Spotlight on Sweet Almond Oil

In this article we're going to focus on one of our favourite all-purpose oils, organic sweet almond oil.

With so many skincare oils now available on the market, it can be hard to choose or find the right one for you!

Our pure almond oil is very versatile and a great all rounder.

Here's just a few ideas on how you can use organic almond oil for skin;

🌿As a natural face cleanser to remove make up. Sweet almond oil works really well to soften and remove make up.

🌿Pure sweet almond oil works wonders as a moisturising face oil. You can add just a few drops to clean fingertips and apply to your face. Then, gently massage in, working in small circles.

🌿It can be used as an almond body oil for gentle baby massage. It's perfect for massaging and soothing baby's skin, and is safe to use directly. Tip - with any skincare product always try a very small test patch on the inside of the elbow crease and leave for 24 hours. Check for any reaction and stop use immediately if there is any redness or irritation.

🌿 As a natural almond hair oil. Sweet almond oil is naturally light with a subtle scent. Just apply a few drops to your fingers and massage into your scalp and hair. You can then wash as normal and see the conditioning benefits!

Sweet Almond Oil in a ceramic container placed on a wooden table

So what makes organic sweet almond oil good for skin?

Well it's rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, making it a very nourishing skin oil.

It calms and protects against skin irritation and can help relieve itchy skin and scalp irritation too. 

Often, people ask what's the difference between sweet almond oil and almond oil. Sweet almond is the oil derived from sweet almonds and is a carrier oil which can be used on your skin. Almond oil means the essential oil, bitter almond oil, which is not to be used for skincare.

With so many ways to use it, pure sweet almond oil is a great oil to use as a base to make your own massage oils. You can just try adding a few drops of carefully chosen essential oils such as lavender or chamomile. 

It is also important to note that you should always try to purchase high quality cold-pressed oils for skincare. This method of production ensures all the maximum benefits of the oils are retained, without using harsh and synthetic chemicals during production.

Please note sweet almond oil is derived from a nut and is therefore not suitable for anyone with nut allergies.

Many thanks for reading our highlight on organic almond oil, we hope you enjoy using this wonderful oil!



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