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Organic Cotton Face Cloth

Super Soft Organic Cotton Face Cloth with a luxurious, quality feel. This reusable face cloth is great for all skincare and bathing needs and is made from certified organic cotton!

Suitable for all skin types




100% Organic Cotton, Soil Association Certified

Unbleached and undyed

Dimensions approx 30 * 30cm

Approz. 380gsm

How to use

Machine wash up to 60 degrees

When your face cloth is no longer useful for skincare please re-purpose: great for cleaning & dusting!


Our Organic Cotton Face Cloth is the perfect addition to your bathroom routine. Crafted with luxurious, organic cotton to keep your skin soft, this face wash cloth is the perfect companion for your daily face-washing rituals.

This Soil Association certified organic Face Cloth is made from unbleached and undyed organic cotton. It is really high quality and is washable and reusable. A face cloth which is a great environmentally friendly choice!

Organic cotton face cloth features:

  • Super soft unbleached organic cotton is breathable and gentle on skin. No chemical residues from production which can cause skin reactions and allergies.
  • Luxurious, quality feel with soft terry towelling feel. Great for general skincare and bathing, perfect for the little ones as well!
  • This luxury face cloth has a natural colour as it is both undyed and unbleached.
  • Our organic cotton face cloth has been produced under safe and fair conditions. It is therefore GOTS certified organic. GOTS approved products have the whole supply chain verified, and is the world's leading standard for textiles made from organic fibres.
  • Long lasting durability with a high quality organic cotton. A reusable face wash cloth which can be machine washed many times.
  • A handy size of 30 * 30cm is both great for daily use and for holidays and travel.

This organic face cloth is the perfect ethical choice in a very disposable world! 

Why is organic cotton better for the environment?

Producing organic cotton rather than normal cotton helps to protect our planet and us!

Organic cotton helps to protect the farmers and producers by not using chemical pesticides in growing and manufacturing. It is therefore much better for the environment and also works to protect your skin as it is free from the numerous chemicals used in standard cotton production whose residues may cause skin allergies.

This luxurious, soft Organic Cotton Face Cloth is the perfect choice for a quality, reusable facial cloth. Crafted with the utmost care, this cloth is designed to be durable, absorbent and gentle on skin. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience, every day!

Our organic cotton face cloth is 30 x 30 cm


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