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Vegan Skincare and a Vegan way of life matters to us a great deal here at Conscious Skincare. Many of the values embraced with Veganism regarding diet and lifestyle are very similar to our own philosophies.

Our entire range of products is fully 'Vegan Approved' by the Vegetarian Society and is therefore vegan friendly skin care!

Vegan approved badge

What is Vegan skincare and what makes our skincare Vegan? 

Firstly we only use plant-based natural and organic ingredients. No animal ingredients or derivatives are used in any of our products.

Here is a list of some of the things you need to make sure are NOT in your vegan skin care and vegan haircare if you are looking for vegan friendly ranges;

We use a fantastic plant based alternative of hyaluronic acid in our anti aging rejuvenate day moisturiser. This vegan face cream also contains a vegan form of collagen made from brewers yeast. It is a great alternative to the normal form of collagen which is scraped from the hide of animal carcasses in the slaughterhouse. It demonstrates that there are alternatives which can be used successfully in vegan skin care and vegan hair care products.

Is Vegan Skincare cruelty free?

We are also delighted to say Conscious Skincare is 100% free from animal testing and always has been. All our vegan skin care products proudly display the cruelty free logo across the whole product range. You need to watch out for companies that claim to be cruelty free when their parent company is not - ie they are a subsidiary company when the parent subscribes to animal testing.

So please remember;

You will therefore need to carefully look for companies like Conscious Skincare which are vegan AND cruelty free approved!

For further reassurance our vegan skincare is also fully approved by PETA. This is another fully independent, certified approval that is rigorous. There is no greenwashing here!

You can read more about our ethos and the conscious skincare approach to organic vegan skincare.

It is also important to mention the widespread use of Palm Oil in skincare and food. Palm Oil and its associated derivatives have horrendous consequences for wildlife and the environment. We do not use Palm Oil in any of our products, and never will!

You can read more about Palm Oil and all the other ingredients we choose to leave out of our skincare ranges. Remember, all our vegan skincare products include a fully transparent list of ingredients so you can see exactly what we put in!   

Conscious skincare is a true vegan skincare brand established in the UK (and we have been for over 10 years).

What suggestions for vegan skincare products do we have for you?

You can check out our full range of vegan beauty products, but with over 80 products this might be a bit too much!

So here are some categories which may help narrow the choice for you and make it easier to navigate:

Vegan skin care for facial products can be chosen by our 4 main skin type ranges. Each skin type range has a different colour so that you can tell which products are for suitable for your skin type. Just click on any of the 4 skin types below to see all the relevant products. Follow this link for advice if you are not sure which is the right range for you.

Normal - Enrich 

Mature - Rejuvenate

Dry - Gentle

Oily - Neutralize

We would also suggest our vegan toner range,  vegan face mask, vegan face wash and vegan moisturisers.

Our face range is available in sample sizes so you can try out our products to see which works best for you!

Vegan hand care range by conscious skincare with hand cream, hand wash and hand lotion

We offer a great selection of vegan hand products. These include a rich vegan hand cream and a vegan hand wash and lotion in uplifting lemon and rosewood.

Our vegan haircare products include a vegan conditioner, vegan shampoo and selection of organic vegan cold pressed oils. These work as great alternatives to silicone and animal derived products to boost, condition and shine your hair..

If you are looking for some great vegan body products then you have come to the right place!

Our fabulous vegan body butters (pictured above) literally melt on your skin and are available in heavenly sweet orange, uplifting grapefruit and also a fragrance free option.

You may also like to check out our vegan body lotion collection and also our vegan body wash range of products. These are available in plastic free glass bottles with eco friendly refills in a wide selection of uplifting scents. 

Vegan Skincare products in a fair trade cotton bag on white table with plant in background


Finally, our guide to vegan beauty would not be complete without mentioning our great vegan gifts!

In the image above you can see a fabulous example of one of our vegan gifts for men. This is a superb collection of men's organic skincare products designed for perfect pampering in a great fragrance.

We wouldn't want to leave the girls out and have a fantastic collection of vegan gift sets, perfect for some me-time! There are lots of options in the range to choose range from, perhaps a pampering spa set or one of our luxurious body gift sets for a real treat!

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to vegan skincare and it helps you to find the right products for your skin. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch then please do!