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Natural Skincare Tips for Acne, Oily and Problem Skin

Natural Skincare Tips for Acne, Oily and Problem Skin

Typical mainstream acne products and treatments contain ingredients which actually strip your skin of its natural oils and can make the oil imbalance even worse as the skin does its best to compensate – often by producing more oil! 

There are plenty of reasons you may want to use a natural soap as a facial cleanser over a pharmaceutical acne cleanser. 

You may be concerned about mass-produced cleansers’ impact on the environment or perhaps the long-term impact on your health from using a product laden with lab-produced chemicals.

If this is the case for you, don’t worry. A natural face wash is a great starting point!

Here are a few extra tips to help ensure clear skin, alongside your cleansing routine;

1) Eat better. You can often tell what kind of diet a person has just by looking at them. The more sugar and refined processed food you eat, the more susceptible you are to acne breakouts. 

Some people find dairy intake increases the appearance of acne. Try cutting out dairy for one to two weeks and see how your skin looks.

2) Keep skin well cleansed by washing your face regularly but don’t overdo it. Take care using exfoliating scrubs as these can have a very drying effect on skin and could cause more breakouts. Skin renews itself every 7-10 days so it’s best to use a scrub about once a week. 

3) Keep hair pulled back from face, and change or wash your pillowcase regularly. This will keep oil from collecting on your skin and blocking pores.

4) Wash your hands regularly, and touch your face less!

You’ll be surprised at how often throughout the day you touch your face. With every contact, you leave behind slicks of oil that can block pores and feed acne-causing bacteria. 

Wash your hands, especially after eating oily foods, and try to limit how much you touch your face.

5) When you get a spot, try using toothpaste.

This is a great tip, because natural toothpaste can work just as well as normal toothpaste, which works just as well (and often better) than topical acne medicine.

The toothpaste dries out the infected pore and shrinks the breakout. Just apply a little dab when you notice a blemish appearing. Leave overnight or for half a day. The spot will be greatly reduced.

These natural skincare tips are great skin care methods no matter what kind of facial cleanser you use.

If you experience issues with problem skin, then take a look at our Neutralize range. We specifically formulated this range to help address some of the symptoms of problematic, out of kilter skin and the range contains key actives to help regulate sebum production, calm inflammation which causes redness and rosacea, reduce breakouts and help to even out skin tone.

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