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Mum To Be Hamper

Mum To Be Hamper

Being a new mum is an exciting and challenging journey. From sleepless nights to endless nappy changes, it can be overwhelming at times. That's why a mum to be hamper or a new mum pamper kit can be a lifesaver. But what exactly is a mum to be hamper and how does it work?

What is a Mum to Be Hamper?

A mum to be hamper is a thoughtful gift that is specially curated to provide comfort and support to new mums. It typically contains a selection of products that are designed to help them relax, rejuvenate, and navigate through the early stages of motherhood. From self-care items to baby essentials, a mum to be hamper has it all. From skincare products to soothing teas, a mum to be hamper is designed to provide some much-needed pampering for the new mum.

What Does a Mum to Be Hamper Contain?

A mum to be hamper can contain a wide range of items, depending on the preferences and needs of the new mum. Some common items found in a mum to be hamper include:

  • Soft and cozy bathrobe
  • Relaxing scented candles
  • Nourishing skincare products
  • Comfortable slippers
  • Delicious and healthy snacks
  • Herbal teas for relaxation
  • A journal for capturing precious moments
  • A soothing eye mask
  • Massage oils for relaxation

These items are carefully selected to provide comfort, relaxation, and support for the new mum during her postpartum journey. Why not use some of these great ideas to put together your own new mum hamper!

mum to be gifts - new mum hamper with baby supplies

How Does a New Mum Hamper Help?

A mum to be hamper is more than just a simple collection of products. It is a gesture of love and care that shows new mums that they are not alone in their exciting journey. Here are some ways in which mum to be gifts can help:

1. Self-Care:

Being a mum is a full-time job, and it's easy for new mums to forget about self-care. A mum to be hamper reminds them to take some time for themselves. It may include items like natural bath soaks, and skincare products that can help them relax and unwind.

2. Comfort:

Adjusting to the demands of motherhood can be physically and emotionally exhausting. A mum to be hamper often includes cozy items like soft blankets, comfortable slippers, and soothing teas that provide comfort during those challenging days and nights.

3. Practicality:

A new mum pamper kit is not just about pampering; it may includes practical items that make life easier for new mums. Essentials like nappies, baby wipes, nursing pads, and baby care products can easily be added to make up your own fabulous mum to be gift set. This is a great way of ensuring that new mums have everything they need at their fingertips.

4. Emotional Support:

Becoming a mum can bring a rollercoaster of emotions. A mum to be hamper can include items like journals, inspirational books, and affirmation cards that provide emotional support and encouragement during this transformative phase.

5. Celebration:

A mum to be hamper is a way to celebrate and honor the incredible journey of motherhood. It is a reminder that new mums are doing an amazing job and deserve to be pampered and appreciated.

So, if you know a new mum who could use some extra love and support, consider gifting her a mum to be hamper or a new mum pamper kit. It's a thoughtful gesture that will make her feel cherished and remind her that she is not alone on this beautiful journey of motherhood.

mum to be pamper kit - gift for new mums

The Conscious Skincare Mum to Be Pamper Set

We're delighted to introduce this new mum pamper kit, designed to give new Mums and Mums to be some well deserved self care and me-time.

'Coming from a large family myself, (one of 11 children), there's often the promise of a new family member on the horizon. In fact there's a new great niece or nephew arriving most monthsl! This got me thinking about what would make a great set for a new mum.' Rebecca, founder of Conscious Skincare

We hope it's a gentle reminder for mums to be and newbie mums about the importance of self care in amongst the flurry of activity when the little one(s) arrives.

So what's in our mum to be gift set?  


🌿Natural, organic body wash

🌿Skin softening body butter

🌿Replenishing peel off Seaweed face mask

🌿Rosehip oil, amber-gold, organic and cold pressed.

Rosehip oil is THE oil to help keep mum's skin supple, support her skin's barrier and help prevent and reduce stretchmarks!

The Seaweed face mask is made with diatomaceous clay, mineral salts and nutrient rich marine algae. This peel off mask gently removes dead skin cells, nourishes the skin's natural barrier and improves collagen production.

For the body wash and body butter, you can choose between Grapefruit, Lemon and Cedarwood or Pure, our fragrance free range. Great for any mum's to be with allergy concerns around essential oils.

It is worth noting our Grapefruit body wash and Pure body wash are made with natural and organic castile soap which is very gentle and mild.

Our natural, organic, vegan body butters have a whipped, light but sumptuous texture, melting on contact with the skin - giving much needed moisturising and replenishing benefits.

🌿Grapefruit lemon cedarwood body butter has a lemony, woody, zesty aroma

🌿Pure body butter is simply a mix of skin loving ingredients without any essential oils

'I really hope you enjoy this new pamper set! 

Best wishes, Rebecca'


Being a new mum is an exciting and overwhelming experience. From sleepless nights to endless nappy changes, it can be challenging to find time for self-care. That's where a mum to be hamper comes in.

New mum pampering gifts are a thoughtful and practical gift for new mums. It provides much-needed support, comfort, and encouragement during the challenging and rewarding journey of motherhood. Whether it's a pampering bathrobe or a soothing cup of herbal tea, mother to be gifts are a reminder that self-care is essential for every new mum during this very special time in their lives. 

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