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Here we would like to share just a few more of our favourite lovely comments with some celebs in there too!

'Conscious Skincare packages all their products in recyclable materials and offer a unique, high quality brand that we feel a perfect match for the excellence of The Royal Ballet.'

The Royal Ballet, London

'Dear Rebecca, just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the products. They are beautiful and I particularly like the face oil. It is heavenly and feels really nourishing! Thank you again, Love Melanie xxxx' 

Melanie Sykes, TV presenter and Model

‘Conscious Skincare is one of the most impressive brands we’ve come across’

Sustainable Jungle

'Any of Conscious Skincare’s mature range will do the trick for wintry months. They are called moisturisers, but that’s an understatement! They behave like a supersonic balm in my opinion!'

Susan Jane White, Author, Cook and Columnist


Customer reviews and feedback


'ps I bloody adore your  products! Thank you xxxx' Liz

'Hi there! I just wanted to drop you a message because I've been so shocked at how well my skin is reacting to your products! I ordered a couple of sample size products to try as my skin is sensitive & spot prone, and NOTHING has worked this quickly before. Thank you so much for creating your beautiful, natural, organic, environmentally friendly skin care products. I can't wait to order them full size!' Lily

'Today I received my order and I have just used my goodies. Wow! They smell incredible and my skin feels so lovely and soft. The quality is so so good and I say that having used very expensive products! Thank you', Lyndsey x

'I appreciate the seriousness and wholesomeness of this brand. I’ve used brands like Dr Hauschka and Weleda for years but am pleased to have found a more local/ UK alternative. I use the Makeup Melt, the Rejuvenate Day Cream and have had samples of the exfoliator and serum. I’m impressed by the high quality ingredients, lovely natural scents from essential oils and plastic-free packaging.'
Thank you! Nathalie (Dorset/ Paris)

'Really good quality, lovely packaging & smells amazing. Speedy delivery.' Becky, England

'Always great and a pleasure to do business with this company. Cream is excellent. I have been using it for years. Thanks.' Jeffrey, USA

'Beautiful gift set! The presentation packaging is really lovely, and the gift box was packaged really securely for the post! I'm very pleased with the item, the shampoo smells delicious! Thank you!' Lydia, England

'Beautiful natural oil. I have been using this in the day and the rosehip one at night and given up on makeup! My skin feels amazing. I love that these are plastic free in their little metal bottles. I sourced them out specifically for that - bonus is that the oil and the company is lovely too. The only thing was, if you're looking for plastic free, they come with a plastic pump too which I wasn't expecting (though in hindsight I think it does say this in the listing) however it is useful and when I re-order I will just request now not to send one in my next order and reuse the ones I have. Product is brilliant, I would highly recommend' Sarah, England

'Purchased this and other items from the range as gifts. They arrived promptly, gift packaging was great, and the products are wonderful.'  Julia, England

'The face wash arrived quickly, was well-packaged, and seems to work wonders. It doesn't leave my face feeling oily or stripped. Some face washes leave a weird residue behind but not this one! Hannah, USA

'Bought as a gift that I know the recipient will love. Well packaged & fast shipping. Thank you.' Karen, England

'I would like to add that I have been with delighted with the results since using your products.  I have suffered with 'problem' skin since my teenage years, along time ago now!  and continue to suffer, I'm now mid fifties.  These products are beautiful to use and smell divine.  They are also very different in texture to any other (much more expensive I would add!) products I have used but so far I have seen a big improvement in my skin and have not suffered any breakouts.' Helen, England

'I'm delighted with my purchase! The products smell incredible and the bag is beautifully made. A gift with a conscience - an attached card shows the wonderful working project it comes from. The shop were extremely helpful and posted my well-packaged parcel quickly, when I asked if it was possible for it to arrive on time for a friend's birthday. I will definitely be buying from here again.' Amy, England

‘I bought this as a present for my mum, it was delivered quickly and the well packaged. The case is well made and my mum loved the silk lining, the products themselves smelt lovely and although I haven’t tried them my mum is very pleased with them. They smell amazing plus my mum loves that they are all organic and gentle on her skin. Would definitely recommend as it makes a great gift.’ Jenifer, UK

'Love the smell!! Fantastic products! Great present for my other half who loved them also, will definitely be buying again :-) love the little bag they come in with nice printed lining! Just fantastic! Thank you!' Joanna, UK

‘I was given this product as a gift. I absolutely love it and will buy more for myself when it runs out. Although it is a rich cream, it never feels heavy on my skin. It has a lovely mousse-y texture and I have found a little goes a long way. It has a great smell which is unlike mass- market products and reminds me that it is full of fabulous ingredients which really nourish.’ Siobhan, UK

'Hi there Rebecca! I just received my package of goodies this morning at work and I am so excited I have to write straight away! I am so so impressed with the ways you have gone above and beyond to source sustainable packaging. As a climate change researcher, it is very important to me to buy natural products from small, local producers (although I confess I am currently living in mainland Europe, you are based really close to my grandma!) and opening my recycled and recyclable box filled with the most beautiful popcorn and dried plant 'packing peanuts' made me so happy I ran down the corridor at work to show my friend that THIS is what I harp on about all the time! All it takes is some thought and care and you can come up with beautiful, cost-effective and sustainable options. Thank you so much for paying close attention to the details and brightening up my day so much! When I have tried out the products properly I am sure I will send another note to let you know that you have another lifelong customer! Have a beautiful day and Diolch!' Rosie, Germany

'I started putting Rejuvenate on the tops of my hands since I had an extra sample. Wow! I have lots of wrinkles and my hands were looking horrible. You wouldn't believe them in just a few days. They look 10 years younger, at least! That convinced me that what I believed to be happening on my face was not just wishful thinking. Happy me! My best to you.' Ella, USA

'Amazing as always. I have been using Conscious Skincare for over a year now (my mom as well!) and all of the products are incredibly good to my skin. Highly recommended!' Dori, Germany

'I originally bought this body butter for my eczema, but it's really a terrific all around moisturizer. I get hives from almost every lotion out there due to skin allergies, and this is the first body butter that my skin has agreed with. This product (and brand) has literally saved my skin. So happy with Conscious Skincare!' Haley, USA

'I absolutely love this cream! It smells so natural and organic without any of those horrible nasties you find in commercial creams . My skin just soaks it up feeling moisturized, soft and supple . I use it as a night cream since I live in tropical Singapore and it works like magic! Thank you for creating such amazing skincare that is also environment friendly ! Xx' Pallavi, Singapore

'Great product! The hype is real, it really does remove even tough waterproof make up with little to no effort, so no hard rubbing and irritated skin. Leaves skin extremely soft and smells lovely and natural, a nice change to chemically make up remover smell. Service was great too-- shipped very promptly and arrived nicely packaged, including a surprise free sample!' Freya, UK

'Hello Rebecca, I just have a very positive experience with your product! I bought a bottle of face wash from your shop long time before, my second purchased. Then 3 weeks ago, after watching some advertisements about Sisley paris face wash, I was curious and started to try. Unfortunately I got terrible allergic... yes after 3 days I guess, I got eczema, and plenty of pimples around my mouth areas... I was freaked out, I really did. So I stopped using it and washed my face with salted water only, put cream for eczema also but everything seemed wasn't better... After lots of trying, depression and broke out, I decided to come back with your product. After just one night, my face wasn't itchy anymore, I really have no idea why, maybe my face is too suit with your product?! I continued (put cream also of course) and 4 days later, it was like the allergic didn't exist before! My face is 85% better now, still some annoying pimples but it was ways far than I expected! Thank you so much Rebecca. Never change my face wash anymore, what an experience lol!' Tien, France

'Hi, just wanted to say how pleased I am with my products, they are absolutely lovely and feel beautiful on my skin. Thank you, regards.' Sarah, England

'I just wanted to tell you guys how much I LOVE this makeup remover ! ! ! ! ! I can't wait to try more of your products. I hope you know how much i appreciate what you do, and the quality you provide... AND i especially loved the way you packaged and shipped them.' Salena, USA

'Hi, I just want to let you all know, that when I received my order – I purchased the makeup melt remover – the packaging was outstanding. Not only was a small gift included, but the classy pamphlet addressed in my name (beautiful touch), and the stock of paper used was first class. I work in e-Commerce, and have worked for some of the best e-Commerce luxury start-ups, and I have to say, I always strive to make the customer experience the absolute best (especially when an order is sent out) and your organization has surpassed my expectations - bar none. I hope you all will have distribution points based out of the U.S. but I do not mind one bit logging on to your site, and paying slightly more to get ethically produced skincare. Have a beautiful day – and keep up the incredible work – and please forward to your executives. I know how valuable these type of comments from clients can brighten up ones day. Cheers,' Erika, Canada

'Greetings! I purchased this same item back in January 2015; was my second purchase. This moisturizer works for me like no other: my skin stays supple and I know longer feel the need to splash my face just to feel moist! Since January life happened. In August I had open heart surgery. I did not have my moisturizer with me in hospital and oh my goodness could I tell the difference. With major life changes, little things really get noticed! When I got back home and back to my moisturizer, what a relief! My skin soaked it up.' Blessings, Wanda, US

'I live in the US and I am continually impressed with the speedy delivery of my orders. This is the third time I have made an order from your company and I will remain dedicated to your business in the future. It is really important to me to find skincare products that are made lovingly and thoughtfully, that do not test on animals and are conscientious of their environmental impact. I have tried some other popular eco-friendly brands in the US but always ended up with skin irritation, so discovering your products has been a blessing for my sensitive, dry skin. I'd also like to mention that the free sample product you provide with every purchase along with the personalized letter signed from Rebecca is a lovely idea to connect with your customers! Thank you so much for your time & care, I truly appreciate it!' Rachel, USA

'Rebecca.. This is the BEST product I have ever used (gentle day cream)..I love the face wash I also ordered.. This face cream actually just melts into my dry sensitive face.. Love love this..' Annie, USA

'I have been singing your praises to anyone who will listen. Your products are amazing and my skin looks and feels better than I can ever remember it looking and feeling.' Martha, Scotland

'Conscious Skincare is such a fantastic brand... i'm a fan for life.' Simonne, England

'Dear Rebecca, At the age of (almost) 59 it is incredible to discover a range of products that I can use,without any problems, on my face. No itchy skin round my mouth and, even more amazingly, no sore eyes at all. I have never before found anything that I could use on my face without getting itchy, sore eyes. I have lived with dry, parched skin since the menopause which struck me young, but despite trying more brands, cheap and extremely expensive, than I can list, I could not use any of them. But now I am quite literally luxuriating in your beautiful products. They are perfect and it feels wonderful to have the pleasure of applying products to my face that smell and feel so lovely. My skin is already less tight and so much softer and it is really exciting to see all those little bottles on my dressing table looking so pretty and not have the tug inside that I have spent more money on something I can't use.As well as the face products I am delighted with the body cream and lotion. They also really work! And the smell is gorgeous. I used some Abyssinian Oil, pre wash, on my hair and it conditioned and calmed it when dry, but without any lankness the next day as with chemical hair products. In fact, every single one of your products I purchased is perfect.Your packaging is attractive, simple and sophisticated and a joy to receive in the post with the personal touch of a note from you. I would far rather have your products to use ad infinitum than go on a spa day or spend silly amounts on a useless facial. Thank you too for the samples which are a little extra treat; they are so nice each one is going to be purchased next order.You have been so very kind on the phone and I appreciate your time, advice and thoughtfulness. With very best wishes,' Mary, UK

'I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream. It has a mousse texture that melts readily and penetrates deep into my skin. I have been using high quality Parisian creams since I was 16 (now 45), I have have been turned off by the parabens, carcinogenic compounds and endocrine disrupters. I am very picky when it comes to creams and it was very hard to find a natural product that performs like the conventional creams. I have tried so many organic creams and this one is hands down the best quality for the price. It leaves my skin velvety smooth.' Genevieve, Canada

'Dear Rebecca, I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Conscious Skincare products I ordered. Firstly the service and packaging were excellent, arriving in the far north of the UK quickly and in perfect condition. I was also really touched to receive a hand-signed letter and little sample. The face wash is just what I was looking for. It smells lovely and fresh and I only need a tiny amount to create a cleansing lather - it'll last me a long time. And the rejuvenate day moisturizer is just great for my needs at the moment. I'm working outdoors in windy, salty and usually pretty cold conditions and so my skin just laps this moisturizer up. While my skin might not be miraculously wrinkle-free, it feels really healthy and well protected and I just enjoy applying it in the morning knowing that it contains ethical and organic ingredients and none of the stuff that I don't want on my skin. Quite often I use a little more when I return home if it's been a particularly ravaging day.Congratulations on what I think is a really lovely company. All the best,' Esther, UK

'I love the make up melt! I have sensitive skin/eyes and have tried dozens of different removers over the years and it not only doesn't irritate my skin, but it literally melts off your make up! I wear liquid eyeliner and water proof mascara every day and it works wonders. I recommend using it on a warm wet cloth, and it shipped within a week or so from UK to US.' Alyssa, USA

'Beautiful product, very quick postage, lovely shop and a sample to try too. Excellent service, thank you, will be back again and again.' Joan, UK

'This product really works! My skin is progressively less congested, dryness is gone, any blemishes I do get heal quicker that before. The texture is different from anything I have ever used, it goes from almost a whipped butter texture to an oil with body heat and absorbs almost immediately. The most important thing is that it does not irritate my very sensitive skin and seems to be healing past damage. A little goes a long way, and I have even started using it on my neck and décolletage. Whatever is left on my fingers gets massaged into my cuticles. Product shipped quickly (one week from Wales to East Coast of US) and the free sample inside was a nice surprise. Can't wait to try more of these great products!!' Rebecca, USA

'Dear Rebecca, I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful skin products you provide. I always have had dry skin. To make things worse, two years ago my skin became sensitive. Since then I have been working hard to find the right skin care products for my problematic skin. Some were better than others, but none of them solved the problem, until I found Conscious Skincare on EWG.org. I quickly ordered the night cream for dry/sensitive skin. The night cream worked magic on me. Just after 3-4 days, I noticed my skin condition had dramatically improved. The cream is easy to absorb, it does not irritate my skin, and brings back the natural glow. My skin feels soft and hydrated. Even my freckles appear lighter. Two weeks later I ordered the day cream for dry/sensitive skin and am equally happy with it. I hope to continue using your products for the years to come!!' Jin from California, USA

'Dear Rebecca, I'm writing this the morning after using my new facial cleanser, gentle serum and rosehip oil and my face has never looked or felt better. I have normal/dry skin with occasional breakouts, so I need to be mindful with what I'm using on my face. I'd recently been using a popular line featuring argon oil, but wanted to switch things up a bit; that's when I found your line through Leaping Bunny! Your products all look so amazing, it was difficult to choose what to try first, so I ordered a full size rose hip oil and an array of samples. I didn't know when I could expect my package, being that you're located in the UK, but my order was delivered so quickly to my home in Connecticut -- with extra samples to try! I adore the packaging; everything was wrapped with such care, and that's a testament to the business you run - genuine, ethical, humane. I am so thrilled with the products and the instant outcome and hope to continue using your skincare line for years to come. Love from the USA, Alison x'

'Rebecca, I've been using the Neutralize line of products consistently (facial wash, serum, day/night cream) and have used up my small supply of the clay mask, too. Just wanted you to know that my skin hasn't had any acne at all since Christmas. My skin looks so much better that I've actually felt fine about leaving the house without makeup. And an additional benefit of healthier skin seems to extend to turning back the clock. A woman who just opened a small market near me was commiserating with me on approaching "middle-age." But she then commented on how I wouldn't understand since I hadn't reached 30 yet. I had to laugh --I'm 43. And I'm still laughing now that I'm getting carded again. So thank you, thank you for making such awesome products! I will keep coming back for more....Best Wishes' Lori, USA

'This oil is PERFECTION. I have a young combination skin, very unstable because of hormones and pollution and things like that, and I hate foundations and powders. I wanted to have a better looking skin, and I do now. I use one pump of this oil before I go to sleep (thanks for the included pump by the way, it would be messy without it), I massage my face with it. At first, I was afraid that it would be too "oily", too much for my skin, that I would breakout and have a shiny face and spots for a week. But nope. Not at all. When I wake up, my skin is completely clean. It is softer than it has ever been. Today, I've been using it for 2/3 weeks and my acne scars are fading away day after day, my skin complexion is unified and my skin is deeply hydrated. Even my dark circles are not dark anymore. THANKS' Magali, France "You have beautiful skin, you must be doing something right!" (a recent compliment I was given) 'I would say that something, is your face cream. I will be back for more, for myself and a friend.' Margaux, UK

'Hi Rebecca, Just wanted to say how much I like your products- ordered some of them recently and will definitely do so again! They feel so natural on your skin and smell divine.' Anna, Germany

'Fantastic cream! Really works wonders on my dry and sore skin. Never had a reaction to this cream, whereas I have reacted to lots of other organic creams. Excellent quality.' Emma, UK

'I also received the day cream and love them both. Absorbs wonderfully into the skin but leaves a velvety finish. Great product' Angela, USA

'Thought I would give this a try and I love it. I guess the smell is a question of personal preference but I really like the faint gingery smell (and my boyfriend does too). The oil is readily absorbed and a few small drops are more than enough - excellent value for money! I apply this every evening, massage it in as I go, apply some very basic moisturising cream on top, and in the morning my skin feels soft and looks rosy. And this might be my imagination (or wishful thinking) but it also seems to have reduced the wrinkles around my eyes. Bonus! Overall I would wholeheartedly recommend this enriched face serum because... it works!' Anne, UK

'This cream is fantastic. When my favourite organic company was bought by a large corporation, I scrambled to find a comparable product. This night cream is a life saver. I could feel it re-hydrating my skin immediately, and within a few days my face has become silky smooth and radiant. I have never used a better product and will never use any other night cream on my face again. Great product, great service. I cannot thank you enough.' Sarah, USA

'Great transaction and communication. Gorgeous moisturiser, makes my dry skin feel soft and supple. Smells lovely too. Highly recommend. Many thanks as always.' Sharon, UK

'One of the best organic creams I found so far, there's a small team including my mom and best friend, using Rebecca's products! Great service as well, thank you! Dori, Hungary

'Fantastic sellers, great product and lovely packaging for a gift.' Joe, UK 'Emolient and extremely moisturising. Wonderful smell of chamomile. I just washed my 8 year old daughters face with it and she went right to sleep with lovely radiant clean skin. Will definitely order again and get my 2 girls on a skin regime with these beautiful products. Thanks Rebecca. Great products.' Stef, Malta

'Oh. My. God. This cream is amazing! I have really dry and sensitive skin (good combo, no?) and this feels really lovely and healing. I really appreciated the fast shipping (from production in the UK to my doorstep in Connecticut in less than two weeks) and the handwritten expiration date for my specific batch.' Thanks! Kate, USA

'Superb product, professionally packaged and excellent service.' Alan, UK

'This is REALLY helpful!! It's definitely gotten rid of a lot of the redness and my acne seems to be going away pretty quickly!! It also makes my skin really nice and soft and smooth. Thank you very much!! I'm definitely going to order more in the future!' Chantal, USA

'Fabulous packing, speedy delivery. The cream looks and feels like it is really feeding my skin.' Amanda, UK

'Love the stuff!!! Smells and feels amazing!' Linda, Germany

'I am just as impressed with the night cream as I am with the day cream. It glides on smoothly and a little goes a long way! My skin is acne prone, but I've had no issues with continued use. What's truly lovely is my skin seems brighter after I put it on! What a nice surprise--I've started skipping the foundation altogether this summer! Thanks for a terrific product- I'll definitely be back for more.' Lori, United States

'Love it! Great price, speedy delivery, great product!' Vivienne, Australia

'After two days I already noticed a change, my skin feels and looks better and has become less shiny!!' Jacoba, Netherlands

'Absolutely love this line! Both day and night creams have rejuvenated my skin. I will be buying from here again.' Lianne, Canada

'I'm delighted with this. Although it's intended for my mum, I've cheekily sampled a tiny bit to test it first. In action: This night cream is rich and my skin seems to eat it like food! I took about half a pea-sized amount, and that was plenty to cover my face. It seemed rather oily at first (it is full of lovely botanical oils after all). However, in about a minute it sinks in so well that my face isn't shiny any more, just velvety. Evidently my skin is very happy about absorbing it! As a younger woman (25) with easily-greasified skin, I'm pretty surprised that even on me, this isn't noticeably greasy. On the other hand, it is certainly rich. I was testing it in the middle of the day, but its richness is really well judged for a night cream.   The smell: I was really curious to see what an organic, vegetarian, chemical-free, rich face cream might smell like. Lavender is the strongest scent in the cream, followed by geranium, and then something earthy, herbal and comforting underneath that I can't identify. So a strong scent, definitely, but "summer greenhouse in France" strong rather than "synthesized geraniol" strong. And isn't lavender traditionally meant to aid sleep?

Other things I love about this order: - It was made on the day I ordered it (says so on the batch number), and shipped to me (London) in 48 hours. - Every part of the packaging is either reusable (glass and light metal) or recycled and biodegradable. Why can't mainstream cosmetics companies achieve this, is it really so hard? - The list of ingredients is all botanical, not chemical. You can Wikipedia each one and be thoroughly encouraged. - The price means it's a serious contender against high street brands that purport to be ethical but are *cough* owned by multinationals and contain chemicals. There's never any guarantee that my mum will love things like this, but if she doesn't use it, I will. Meanwhile, I'm keeping the face wash sample for me. And the next time I run out of my own creams and potions, I will be browsing your shop again! Sorry about the extra-long feedback, got a bit carried away!' Kay, UK

'Gorgeous serum, I love it!' Kylie, Australia

'Love this face wash. It smells beautiful and left my face feeling squeaky clean. Its has really helped with the oiliness, i can't believe how good my skin is looking and feeling after only a week of using. I will definitely be buying more of this and recommending it to everyone!' Lynsay, UK

'I am so excited to try this! As a person with sensitive skin prone to painful breakouts I have had bad experiences with face creams before...and the harsh Norwegian winter doesn't help. However, I have faith in this cream! It applies nicely without being too greasy or too runny; sort of like Lush's "ultrabalm", but without the icky graininess. It has a nice consistency in the jar, and it smells natural. Plus it arrived superfast! I also like how the jar is labeled with a "use before"-date, which is really helpful. It also seems like it will be very long-lasting. I would definitely buy from Rebecca again.' Maren, Norway

'Can't say enough about this seller - obviously very genuine and dedicated to providing outstanding service and product. Very quickly mailed to Vancouver from Wales. I was putting too much on at first - my skin feels very soft just using a little bit.' Thanks! Heidi, Canada

'This is the best face wash ever. Service as ever is fabulous, many thanks again' Moira, UK

'Wonderful product as always. This actually managed to heal up an eczema rash on my arm in three days flat!' Viv, Australia

'Exactly what I was looking for! SO moisturizing, and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy! Great product.' Poonam, USA

'I've been using the sample for the past 4 or so nights now (and still have some left). It's an absolute find !!! I cannot 'wax lyrical' enough as to what a great product this is.. my skin was rather congested and yet very dry in areas.. it's now smooth and the congestion has visibly cleared. I also had high redness in my cheeks which again, after only a few short days has also visibly reduced. A VERY happy customer.' Simonne x

'Argan oil is such a lovely and versatile oil and this one in particular is fantastic! It does wonders for my frizzy curly hair and I also mix a drop of it in with my moisturiser for a lovely dewy complexion.' Anne, UK