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Naturlig abyssinisk olie - koldpresset

This 100% pure Abyssinian oil is a fantastic dual purpose oil. It has unique properties making it suitable as both a skin and hair oil, light and easily absorbed.

Suitable for all skin types




Abyssinian Oil - ingredients list;

  • 100% crambe seed oil

Cruelty free / Vegan friendly / Palm oil free / Gluten free / Corn free / Wheat free / Soya free

Dimensions: H11 W4cm, 100ml

How to use

Using Conscious Skincare Abyssinian Oil.

  • Use mornings and at night, as required
  • Press pump twice and apply oil to fingertips
  • Gently massage onto face where skin requires particular attention
  • Allow oil to sink into skin
  • Blot off any excess with a tissue
  • You can also use on your neck and decolletage
  • For hair treatment - before taking a bath or shower put a little oil on your hair and massage through so it becomes evenly distributed from tips to roots. Use a brush or comb if it helps
  • Wrap your head in a warm towel for some time before washing hair
  • Thoroughly wash your hair and condition using Conscious Skincare organic shampoo and conditioner
  • If you prefer a less intensive hair treatment -
  • A few drops of oil can be applied to a brush or comb to add lustre and shine instead of wet gels (for example), but be careful not to add too much!



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Abyssinian Oil

So I bought this product a good while back for my daughters very dry frizzy hair as pre wash treatment. It has made the world of difference to her hair. I had been only using this product for hair until recently, as the weather grew colder, my face was feeling very dry, itchy and sore which isn’t usual for my skin. It would seem that fate would intervene and help me with my problem. I had accidentally dropped my new just opened pot of rejuvenate night cream down the toilet and with it being Christmas I couldn’t get a new one quickly. Half paying attention and feeling an annoyed with myself I put on the Abyssinian oil on my face instead of my usual rosehip seed oil, well! can I just say this really is platinum in a bottle, forgetting that its an all rounder I just carried on rubbing it in anyway best not to waste. It sorted my sore dry skin very quickly and saved my panic of having no night cream over the holidays. My skin is feeling subtle and far less dry and near enough on the mend. I think even when I get my new bottle of night cream, I will use the Abyssinian oil in the morning with my CS serum and day moisturiser and the rosehip seed oil at night before my night cream. Thank you CS for creating such fantastic affordable and trusting products… Maria Ireland

Abyssinian Oil

I purchased this Abyssinian Oil in pursuit of a face oil that wouldn’t break me out, and this delivered. It’s lovely on its own and so easy to mix with other skin and hair products as well. The packaging is the icing on the cake though; the pump is just perfection—it’s so, so easy to get the exact amount you’re trying to dispense. Love this and will repurchase if I ever run out.

Lisa Coulter
Abyssinian Oil

I have been using this oil for the 3 months now, prior to this, I was using sweet almond oil. I liked the effects of almond oil but I fell completely in love with this oil. My hair is healthier, shinier and stronger, even without going to the hairdresser for trims during lockdown. This oil has also aided in regrowth. The only con is the packaging – I’m not sure if it’s the pump or the lid, but there has been a lot of leakage. I’m not too disappointed about the packaging as a little of the oil goes a long way and I can understand that for the company it’s a case of trial and error. I will still be repurchasing though.

Abyssinian Oil

Love it. Feels great on my hair and scalp!

Abyssinian Oil

Beautiful oil, arrived quickly and well wrapped without plastic, amazing how it sinks into my skin without any oily residue left behind. I would almost describe it as silky on my skin. I am very happy with this oil, thank you.

Abyssinian Oil er noget af en bedst bevaret hemmelighed! Unikke egenskaber gør den til en vidunderlig tilføjelse til både dine økologiske hud- og hårplejerutiner.

Abyssinian Oil er også kendt som crambe frøolie. Det er en klar, let olie med en unik molekylær struktur, der ikke findes i andre naturlige olier. Dette gør, at det spredes meget let uden at føles fedtet.

Hvad er fordelene ved vores abessiniske olie?

  • Den har fremragende fugtgivende egenskaber, som hjælper med at fremme hudens smidighed, blødhed og reduktion af rynker. Abessinierolie tilføjer glans til mat og livløs hud og hjælper med at give din hud et mere ungdommeligt udseende.
  • Den er ideel til sprøjtning som en let ansigtsolie, og dens unikke egenskaber er med til at danne en effektiv barriere mod, at din hud udtørrer. Crambe frøolie er også fantastisk til at hjælpe din hud med at bevare fugt i vintermånederne.
  • Vores abessiniske olie er 100 % ren og er ikke tilsat noget.
  • Abyssinisk olie, som er en fantastisk olie med dobbelt formål, ligner Argan-olie i sin natur. Når den bruges som hårolie absorberes den let, hvilket giver et boost til glans og hjælper konditionen. Med en høj procentdel af Omega-9 fedtsyrer hjælper det med at give håret en glansfuld fornemmelse, hvilket gør det til en fantastisk olie til tørt hår.
  • Denne naturlige olie giver dit hår beskyttelse mod elementerne og hjælper med at filtre ud. Abessinisk olie bliver mere og mere populær som en naturlig måde at tilføje glans og glans uden at bruge kemiske alternativer såsom silikonebaserede produkter. Når den bruges som hårolie, hjælper den også med håndterbarheden.
  • Også kendt som crambe abyssinica, abyssinisk olie har en meget svag træagtig aroma, som er både behagelig og subtil. Den er lysegul i farven og absorberer meget let med en flot viskositet.

Abyssinian Oil er sikker at bruge direkte på dit ansigt eller krop. Den 100 ml EPA-forede aluminiumsflaske er en god størrelse til hjemmet, fitnesscentret, svømmeturen eller håndtaske og er fuldt genanvendelig! Du kan vælge at modtage denne olie uden en plastikpumpe, hvilket gør den til et fantastisk miljøvenligt valg.

250 ml refill nu tilgængelig (lavet af 100 % genbrugsplast og fuldt genanvendeligt) tilbyder en fantastisk spare- og miljøvenlig mulighed for fremtidig påfyldning.

Conscious Skincare er godkendt af Vegetarian Society og PETA. Vi er også stolte af at vise Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free-logoet på hele vores sortiment.

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