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What is natural skin care? Does natural skin care work? Is natural skin care effective?

We take a look at some of these questions and discuss the differences between natural skincare and some of the questionable ingredients found in many mainstream skincare product lines.

Healthy looking skin gives a confident impression that you look after yourself. We believe using natural skincare is key to great skin and good health!

However, it is not just about the skincare products you use. It is really important to have a great diet with as much organic food as possible. Healthy lifestyle factors are also key, with exercise helping to detox your system. Visit our Conscious Living page for more tips!

If you are eating well and taking exercise that is fantastic! Many people follow this routine but can unintentionally cause damage to their skin by using products which can contain potentially harmful ingredients.

Sometimes these are hidden with clever use of labelling. However, you can often spot them because they cannot be pronounced!

We provide many examples on our ingredients we avoid page so please do check this out.

 Natural Skincare

So why do manufacturers use these type of ingredients? 

Because they are cheap and easy to use as they are chemically the same every time. For example, Palm oil is used in skincare and haircare because it's cheap and easily available. But cheap is a relative term because if something is cheap then someone, or something is paying the true cost.

This has huge consequences for our wildlife and environment which suffer when their habitat is destroyed. Palm oil plantations are a good example of this.

So why do potentially toxic ingredients matter?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, it acts as a protective barrier but also absorbs!

Therefore, ingredients placed on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream and land up in your tissues and organs. There are many chemicals your liver cannot process and they are then stored by your body, increasing steadily over time with potentially harmful consequences for your health.

Natural Skincare made from plant based ingredients, free from harmful ingredients

What can you do?

Follow our suggested natural skin care routine.

Look for products that will nourish your skin with plant-based ingredients. These will help replenish your skin and work with your body in the same way that eating healthy organic foods will support you.

Is Natural Skincare effective?

To answer this question we recommend a visit our customer reviews page, or product pages to see what you think!