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Our approach to preservatives 

Within our products we use wholly naturally derived ingredients and the majority of our products do not contain preservatives. We do use preservatives, but only where absolutely crucial for the integrity, effectiveness and ultimately, the safety of the product over time.

Preservatives in skincare products

A great deal is said about preservatives used in skincare. When surfing around the internet, you will be supplied with literally thousands of pages of information discussing this topic. With such a variety of conflicting ideas and data, most people simply do not know who, or what to believe!

Putting preservatives in perspective

The most important word to keep in mind when discussing preservatives, is the word 'balance' and the word, 'sparingly' comes to mind too!

A product containing water needs to include enough preservative (as per manufacturer's guidelines) to control microbial growth and be effective, yet not too much as to cause allergies, dermatitis or any side effects.

We make our products in small batches and regularly. This ensures that our products are fresh, stable and yet not over-filled with preservatives in those products where we do use them.

We use the following preservatives;

You can check the full ingredients of all our products in the ingredient tab on the product listing.